All students may purchase lunches; some households may qualify for free or reduced-priced meals. In order to qualify for free or reduced-price meal benefits, you must be a resident of IL. Below is the link to the eligibility guidelines and application. The application can be printed blank or filled out and printed.

Guidelines for Free and Reduced Lunch Program

  • The program entitles your student to one, plate lunch special, each day your student is in attendance. The plate lunch menu for the month is available on the RB website, and printed copies are available in the main office. This lunch includes a cartoon of milk..
  • The lunch is for the approved student only. Your student may not share or give the lunch to someone else.
  • This program does not include meals from the monthly Combo Menu or Ala Carte items. We may not substitute food or drink items unless prescribed by a medical physician. (This approval process includes the school nurse and administration, and then the food service manager will receive instruction regarding the proper, approved substitutions allowed.)
  • Please note: Students eligible for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program may not charge purchases to their lunch account. Money may be placed in the account to use as a debit system, but charging is not allowed. This is to help prevent students from incurring debt that would be a hardship to their family.

We appreciate your cooperation with the guidelines of this program. The guidelines are necessary to enable us to continue to provide you with this service. If there are repeated violations to the above guidelines, your student may lose the ability to participate in the program.