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College Planning and the Coronavirus  As students make decisions about colleges, it's not a surprise that these decisions are even more difficult this year. Policies and plans at all institutions are frequently changing to respond to continuing health and economic concerns. It's more important than ever to remind students to stay informed, be flexible, and keep evaluating their options. Here are a few tips to help

The Impact of COVID-19 on College Planning Webinar:   Join John as he unpacks the changes to college admissions, financial aid and standardized testing in light of the coronavirus.

Watch this short video of John showing you how to find new Additional Math Prep and new full practice tests. Bottom Line: use this extra time well so you’ll be ready to jump your ACT score when the tests resume. Hammer Time!

New Podcast:  The OnToCollegeShow

In this episode, John and Mark, CEO of TuitionFit, offer a few ways to relieve some of the stress brought on from coronavirus concerns. Don't miss their tips for how students can best take advantage of their newfound free time.

VIDEO: All about Community Colleges
April is Community College month! In this video, John shares everything you need to know about community colleges like the benefits and caveats as well as when to choose a two-year college for part or all of your college experience.


ACT Prep and ACT Fundamentals

  • A new additional practice test (1572C) is available in Additional Materials, with Solution Videos.
  • Additional Subject Prep includes new "Final 10" Advanced Math Questions, which cover the toughest ACT math problems from recent tests (#51 to #60).

ACT and SAT Courses

  • In Additional Subject Prep, Math: Additional Practice by Topic has two new worksheets and videos covering FOIL/Factoring and Exponents.

SAT Prep

  • A new additional practice test (SAT 4) is available in Additional Materials, with Solution Videos.

College Counseling System

  • A new College Planning Materials resource: SAT Subject Tests.
  • Two College Planning Materials resources are updated: Community College Guide and Should I Take the ACT or SAT?