Joint District Stakeholders Committee


May 7, 2021

Dear District 2 and District 157 Families,

The Joint District Stakeholders Committee held its most recent virtual meeting on Wednesday, May 5th

from 7 PM to 8 PM (this was rescheduled from April 14). The Committee agenda for that meeting was to:

  1. Review i-Ready data (in person and remote testing results)

  2. View updates on Summer Learning Recovery Plans 

  3. Hear school action steps to the Student Responses on the HUMANeX student survey

  4. SEL Program update

Topic #1: Summer Learning Recovery Plan and Parent support

During the month of February, Committee members shared multiple ideas on how to address learning loss. These ideas were prioritized based on a set of criteria ranging from the immediacy to support students, to the frequency of the idea and possible expenses. Committee members also discussed supporting parents.


  1. Summer Learning Recovery - schools, dates and times*




RGS and SGE (held at RGS)

July 26 to 29; August 2 to 5; August 9 to 12 (sessions will focus on reading)

9 AM to 11 AM


July 26 to 29 - Math

August 9 to 12 - English and Language Arts

9 AM to 11 AM


August 2 to 5 (session will focus on Learning Strategies; Time management; Study Skills; Leadership; Team work; Digital Skills)

9 AM to 11 AM

*Transportation will be provided

  1. The ideas on how to support parents when working with their students were to reestablish a “Parent University” along with sending out simple academic (reading, numeracy or games) suggestions for parents to do at home. 

Next steps:

In June, review “Parent University” topics and begin planning for the 21-22 school year.  Review results from Parent HUMANeX survey and plan actions steps based on feedback.

Topic #2: Review student survey to inform Social/Emotional Learning approach

The Committee reviewed the top and bottom responses from the HUMANeX student survey. The data revealed that students in all schools rated high on self-esteem and belonging, but need more support in the areas of choice. 


  1. Schools have identified action steps to both support items that were ranked high and action steps to address items that were ranked low.

  1. Teachers, social workers and administrators at D2 and D157 worked over the past 18 months to vet, evaluate and finally determine Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs for elementary, middle and high school. We are excited to share that RGS and SGE will use “Purposeful People”; NMS will use “CharacterStrong”; and R-B will use “School-Connect” as their SEL programs.

Next steps

Schools will implement action steps and review for effectiveness.

Staff will be trained over the summer, at the start of the school year, and throughout the school year on how to best implement the program.

The District would like to thank all members of the Joint District Stakeholders Committee and the D2 and D157 Board of Education for their support in this vital project. The Committee will continue to meet in smaller groups to support positive outcomes for ALL D2 and D157 students and families. 


Patrick Enright, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent