Cold Day Cancellation

This decision is based on the temperature during the morning hours when students wait outside for the bus. If there is a wind chill advisory school will most likely be in session. However, if there is a windchill warning (-30) we will most likely cancel school the night before.

Snow Day Cancellation

Snow day cancellations are based on several factors and include discussions with nearby school districts in McHenry County as to whether they will be closing or staying open. Although we'd like to call snow days the night before, often that is an early morning call after all factors are considered.

Announcement of Cancellation

Phone/Email: Using Skylert/School Messenger we will initiate mass messaging whenever there is a school closing due to inclement weather. Announcements can also be received thru RB Facebook, the school website, superintendent @DrTomLind and principal twitter pages.

Television: CBS 2, NBC 5, ABC 7, WGN 9, CLTV cable, & Fox 32

Radio: WGN 720 AM, WBBM 780 AM, STAR 105.5 FM, WMCW (Harvard)

Or go to the following websites:

Should an event result in a telephone outage, the following numbers can be used to contact the buildings:

Richmond-Burton High School 815-528-3585

Nippersink Middle School 815-482-1771

Richmond Grade School 815-482-4756

Spring Grove Elementary School 815-482-1770

Transportation Department 815-560-1993