RBCHS District 157 is governed by a seven-member Board of Education.  

RBCHS Board of Education Meeting Dates
RBCHS Meeting Minutes

Jennifer Read, President ~
Training: OMA, PDLT, PERA
Steve Holtz, Secretary ~

Dawn Holian - Training: OMA,PDLT,PERA Elizabeth Furlan ~
Training: OMA,
Oscar Ramirez ~
Training: OMA, PDLT,PERA
Jeremy Miller Training: OMA

Open Meetings Act Training (OMA) for School Board Members
In satisfaction of the Open Meetings Act requirement of P.A. 97-504 that calls for instruction in the legal requirements for open meetings; procedures regarding quorums, notice, and record-keeping; and procedures for holding open and closed meetings, the following Board Members of Richmond-Burton Community High School District #157 have successfully completed the training and have submitted certification of course completion for the record.

Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT) for School Board Members
Elected or Appointed after February 18, 2015
In satisfaction of the requirement in Section 10-16a of the School Code that school board members complete a minimum of four hours of professional development leadership training.

Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA)
Training This training is required of School Board members who participate in a vote on a teacher dismissal based upon an “optional alternative evaluative dismissal process for PERA evaluations”.